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How to use lucidspace app for lucid dreaming

  • Step 1: 30mins before going to bed do a reality check. Check here for reality check
  • Step 2: Open lucidspace app in our phone and select sleep tracker icon.
  • Step 3: Select the hours for sleep monitoring during this time period the app monitors continuously for bodily movements in sleep. (4 Hours recommended).
  • Step 4: Select delay time to get vibrations which indicates you are in lucid dreaming state, this time is calculated from the final movement made by your body before entering into lucid dreaming state and gives you a vibration in the watch.
  • Step 5: Select number of repeats to receive as many vibrations. These vibrations will wake your subconscious up while you were in lucid dreaming state (very important are reality checks RC).
  • Step 6: Once the above steps are over the monitoring stops and the data of your sleep cycle can be seen in the phone app as a beautiful graph.

Your heart rate is also been monitored continuously during your sleep cycle and in the graph the variation in heart rate is shown during lucid dreaming state and hypnagogic state.

Graph information

  • Blue dots - Bodily movements made during sleep.
  • White space – No bodily movements also some area represent lucid dreaming state
  • X- axis – The time of bodily movements during sleep
  • Y- axis – Number of bodily movements during sleep

Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming is the proven ability to become ‘self aware’ in your dreams, allowing you to control them and do almost anything within your mind. It’s a skill that’s been used by a range of people for many years.
Lucid dreaming isn’t dangerous, because you’re using your dream to benefit and leverage things like creative imagination, improving skills, finding anaswers to problems, having a good feeling of life manifesting like you wanted it etc…
A lot like controlling fear, emotional healing and boosting confidence, getting into an imaginative place that’s not on earth, skill that you wish to improve.
Not really, unless you’re doing a certain type of induction like the wake back to bed or the cycle adjustment method. There are techniques which require you to wake up really early (4-5AM) and then go back to sleep. Interrupting your sleep in this way will make you tired, and you’ll feel lethargic all day.
Sleep paralysis is when your body has gone to sleep but your mind has remains active. In normal sleep, every night, the body shuts down your muscles to prevent you from leaping out of the bed when you fall over in a dream. This happens every night but when you intentionally try and keep your mind awake, you experience the paralysis consciously.
You will be totally aware that your dreaming which is a beautiful experience. Many different experiences based on your wild imaginations of your dreams woulc occur to you.
The state you enter when controlling your dreams is one of self awareness, you can look at your hands, look around you and be sure that you’re ‘there’ and you’re the one experiencing it, in the same way that when you’re awake you know you’re awake. That being said, in a lucid dream, the level of self awareness is slightly different. You know you’re aware but you don’t have the ability to exercise all of your critical thinking abilities and logic etc…
Not really, but it’s similar. They’re the same sort of thing but Astral Projection hasn’t been proven. Because the practice of Astral Projection is to meditate and then ‘rise out of your body’ it’s possible it could just be a form of Lucid Dreaming. There are lot of resources online for astral projection.
Like any skill really, you either use it or lose it. If you stop writing down your dreams and practicing your reality checks you’ll just stop lucid dreaming. It’s a skill which you need to put constant attention and focus into. See – How to stop lucid dreaming.
Normally the REM stage of sleep, of ‘Rapid Eye Movement’. This happens towards the end of the night, and so if you’re thinking of using lucid supplements or nootropics, this time is the BEST time to use them. Lucid dreams are much, much more likely in the early stages of the morning.

Experiences of lucid dreams

So first when I went to bed, I sort of just asked myself “Can I have a lucid dream tonight?”, and then I did so I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or not. So with the actual dream, I did a good reality check and was like “Oh hey, I’m dreaming!” So I tried flying, and it worked much better than last time. I found that this time I actually have a body, and could see my hands. So then I tried falling and dieing to see what happens, and for around 3 seconds I was just on the ground, blind. Then I had a very strange false awakening. I woke up with the room looking all crazy, the light on, and I was standing up. If I was thinking properly, I would easily have realized it was a dream. I was like “Aha! Caught you false awakening”, but then as I lost lucidity I started to wonder if I really was dreaming, and came up with some crazy excuse as to how I woke up in the middle of the room. The scene changed and I became lucid again, but unfortunately I can’t remember any other parts of the dream.
I was on my street but it all looked strange. I started to walk down it and random people began to follow me, I began to start running because the people following started to look more menacing but as I started my bones started to shift and I had the ability to run on all fours very fast. After a while of running I managed to get to a house that looked normal, I walked inside and the walls started to open around me. The walls opened on to a very nice view from a mountain and then I woke up.
Finding novel solutions to common problems is legendary, both in ordinary dreams and in lucid dreaming. A person becomes so obsessed with a problem that it carries over into their subconscious mind and they eventually dream about it, in the process they sometimes even discover a brilliant and novel answer to whatever was on their mind. Too many reputable people attest to having had this experience for it to be discounted as a mere coincidence or a fluke, a phenomenon that is then enhanced a hundred-fold when applied to lucid dreaming due to this ability to repeat the experience at will.
This was a very low level of lucidity, but a very interesting dream! As soon as it started I just realized I was in a dream, not really sure why. The dream was like a computer screen, there was a window for a game, and 3 options. Like I said, in the dream even though I knew I was dreaming, it seemed completely normal for my life to be a screen. The options were 2D, 3D, and Real Life. I wanted to do something, but the dream was in 2D mode. I couldn’t really control anything, just make a blurry character form in the window. I thought maybe 3D would be better, and it was but after a few minutes it went back to 2D. After about 10 minutes I finally became a bit more lucid and realized I should be in real life, and not a game. So I fell backwards through a wall with the intention that when I came out it would look like real life. When I did come out, it was in this room with a girl leaning against the wall. I floated around exploring the room and a hallway that went from it. After I got to a bend in the hallway, it got really bright and I woke up.
Have you ever been lucid and commanded your dream to reveal some aspect of you that you feel remains hidden? Because I once took flight and went straight up in the air until I was hovering over a chasm. I shouted at the dream, "show me my true self!" After which a tsunami of dark clouds came rolling in and heavy thunder and lightning began around me! And then I woke up. Have you ever done this or something similar?

Lucidspace is mobile and wear app that gives people a unique way of experiencing their lucid dreams.

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